On HMS Phoebe after Crete evacuation

On HMS <em>Phoebe</em> after Crete evacuation

Lucky boys: engineers from 19th (NZ) Army Troops Company on board the cruiser HMS Phoebe after being evacuated from Crete, 1 June 1941. Left to right: Norman Jull, Snowy Close and Harry Gregory.

The Phoebe was the last ship to evacuate troops from Sfakia. It had been dispatched to Crete after New Zealand Prime Minister Peter Fraser asked that British naval authorities send an extra vessel on the final night of evacuation (31 May).

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David Harding

Posted: 12 Nov 2021

My father in law served on HMS phoebe around 1941-1942, he left a photo album containing many pics, wondered if anyone would like to view them.

Glen Turner

Posted: 27 Aug 2021

I have a photo of Noman Jull, he gave to my Grandparents in 1941. It is in my Fathers photo collection. From BDM I assume he died 1998. The photo of him looks very much like the one above on the Phoebe. I would like to give this photo back to the Jull family. Any leads, connections, directions most appreciated.

Amanda Sanders

Posted: 30 Dec 2020

My grandmother lived in Alexandria during ww2 and helped nurse wounded All
She has a plaques from HMS Phoebe. Can I donate it to a museum?

barbara kalmoutis

Posted: 07 May 2011

I am wondering if there has been any response to posting 4/11/2011 re HMS PHOEBE by Patti...Thank you


Posted: 12 Apr 2011

I'm looking for any survivors of the Battle of Crete that were evacuated on the Phoebe, from Sfakia to Alexandria. I have a friend, who is 92, and her husband, now sadly passed, who was Greek and was evacuated with the New Zealand contingent from Crete. Although not standard procedure, he being Greek, he should have stayed behind, but he saved the life a New Zealand soldier, and the soldier told him that in return he would save his life. Somehow Peter was able to get on the Phoebe for Alexandria. Peter's widow is researching the Battle of Crete, as there is an upcoming anniversary. I would appreciate any information you might have. Regards Patti O'Brien