On the landing craft on D-Day

On the landing craft on D-Day

Landing Craft Infantry move towards the beach on D-Day.


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Neil Brown

Posted: 08 Aug 2023

Hi. Thank you so much for posting this picture. to find out that it was from LCIs 521 is amazing as I have just started to look into my Grandfathers service and he was on LCIs 521 on D-Day. He was Able Seaman Robert Henry Whiting. From what I know so far he was part of the gunnery team.

If anyone has any information they wish to offer it would be greatly appreciated. I did read that LYNNETTE HUGILL (NEE GIRLING) you may have a crew photo. If you would be willing to share this, I would be forever in your debt as I have no photographs of my Grandfathers service.

Fingers very firmly crossed. Thank you all again. Neil Brown

Danton Seal

Posted: 05 Mar 2022

Feel free to contact me for further information. I'm unable to add my email below.

[email protected]

Danton Seal

Posted: 05 Mar 2022

This is the no.6 commado landing at sword beach as part of the 1st special service brigade.
The man with the 'life buoy' flame thrower was my grandfather Ken Seal. He wrote about this photo that he was the only flame thrower in 6 Commando, his primary target was a pill box, and secondary target was a flack-tower. He later says it could not be replenished, and was quite a relief to get rid of it as it was very bulky to travel with and highly dangerous. Also "the landing craft on our right was blown out of the water seconds after this photograph". The two guys behind him he wrote were Hook and Scouse.

Jamie M

Posted: 17 Jun 2019

Hi Bradeley - if you want to  email it to [email protected] we can add it for you. Regards, Jamie Mackay

Bradley Coates

Posted: 09 Jun 2019

I have an image from what I can make out of boat no.536. My grandad was no.3 commando and special service brigade but its landing at Sword beach not Juno.
Sadly i can't post a picture on the comment thread here.


Posted: 04 Dec 2018

I am looking for the CO’s of LCI(S) that landed on Juno Beach carrying 48 RM Cdn

The ships were:

The next two ships below were carrying HQ’s 4 SS Brigade, RM and I have the names of these vessel CO’s:

526 - Lt BSB Lingwood
536 - Lt Laidlaw

The Senior Office was LCdr G Timmermans, and I believe he was aboard 525 (but I do not know if he was the CO of this ship

Any assistance would be most appreciated

Chris Smith

Posted: 26 Dec 2016

Hi there,
A visit from relatives from the US has prompted this post. My Grandfather (my relatives father) served on LCI S 503 as coxswain on D Day. His name is Alfred William Edwards. By coincidence I have the same picture (wallet size) that is posted along with 3 other photos of the landing including 2 taken of my Grandfather (we always assumed) at the bridge and another of the Commandos disembarking. I also have a larger side view of the 503 fully loaded and moving at speed. I once emailed the UK Landing Craft Association and got some good information that he was at Sword with 6 Commando. My relatives always thought he was at Gold Beach. Coincidently my own father Eric Reginald Smith was also a coxswain but of an LCT and at Gold Beach. I hope this would be useful.

Lynnette Hugill (nee Girling)

Posted: 17 May 2016

My father was in the British Royal Navy (Tony Girling) deceased 2010. I found some small very old photographs he had from the second world war of LCI's heading for the 'Beach' as he called it, on or about June 6th 1944. I was amazed to find that I have an original photograph of the D-Day photo you have in your 'Articles' section D-Day On the back of the photo it states - Aboard the 516 on the way to France - and dated 5/6/44. I also have another original photo that I would say is about the same day that states -521 and crew -. I also have two other originals, he wrote on the back - Hell let loose the Beach D-Day 6/6/44- (this might be from the 516 or 521) and another that states on the back - Jerry gun port view from bridge of 516 6/6/44.
My father would tell me how he ended up in the sea a few times that day and how another LCI would haul him and a few mates out of the water.

Robert McKennie

Posted: 31 Oct 2010

Hi Danny, Thank you for replying regarding the photo of LCI(s) 521 and photos that you have of LCI(s) 505. My father passed away 2 years ago and I have been trying to get some information of his Landing Craft and Crew which he was extremely proud of the time he spent on board with them. My email address is [email protected] thank you making contact ,I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you again, Cheers Robert.


Posted: 13 Sep 2010

Hello, This photo was taken from LCI(s) 521. The CO was Lt H. S. Woodnutt. The troops onboard are from No. 6 Commando. 503 also carried troops from No. 6 Commando. 200 and 201 Flotillas operated together for the landings on the 6th June and the flotillas were mixed. There are some photos of LCI(s) Fairmile ‘H’ in use as houseboats online at the British Military Powerboat Trust Forum. http://www.bmpt.co.uk/ I have a photo of LCI(s) 505 taken on the 5th June on the River Hamble. Not sure if you can contact me via this site but if not you can contact me via PM on the BMPT forum website. Regards Danny