Rawhiti war memorial

Rawhiti war memorial Rawhiti war memorial Rawhiti war memorial Rawhiti war memorial Rawhiti war memorial Rawhiti war memorial

Te Rawhiti war memorial is located inside the grounds of Te Rawhiti Marae on Rawhiti Road, east of Russell.

In 1946 a granite obelisk was erected at Te Rawhiti marae to commemorate men from the area who had died during the world wars. A War Memorial Dining Hall was later built at the marae. The original dining hall, or whare kai, has long since been replaced, but the obelisk remains, although it has twice been relocated within the atea.

It is inscribed with the names of two local men who gave their lives during the First World War (H.T. Waima Tawhai and J. Hakaraia), and eight who gave their lives during the Second World War (H.W. Matene, D. Maunsell, W. Hakaraia, W.T.K. Hau, M. Parkes, J. Kareko, B. Hakaraia and P. Howe).

The Te Rawhiti Roll of Honour, displayed inside the present dining hall, lists the names of 14 ex-pupils of Te Rawhiti Native School and residents of the settlement who served overseas during the two world wars. The First World War list has 14 names, including two headmasters of the local school; the Second World War list has 28 names. Cecil James Blomfield MC served in both wars. R.L. Shepherd in his history of Te Rawhiti, published in 1966, noted that men from Te Rawhiti had also served in J Force (Japan), Korea, Malaya and Vietnam.

For many years, members of the Russell RSA held their Anzac Day dawn service at Te Rawhiti marae. In recent years, dawn parades have been rotated between Russell, Te Rawhiti and Ngaiotonga.

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