Rescued crew from the Awatea, 1942

Rescued crew from the <em>Awatea</em>, 1942

Surrounded by some of his crew, Captain G.B. Morgan (centre left) of the Awatea thanks the master of the Dutch vessel that evacuated them from the Mediterranean after the New Zealand liner was sunk during Operation Torch in November 1942. The following June, Morgan took command of the Monowai, another famous Tasman liner operating as a wartime troop transport.

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Beatrix Vosseler

Posted: 19 Jul 2021

I think it is my dad, very left back row, he was an engineer and one of the very last to leave the boat as he was closing the bulkheads to slow the sinking. One thing he did always say was the ship cat got off just before him as there was controversy over that. He lived for that boat, talking a lot and on the museum models showed us kids where his and the other officers cabins were

Carol skeet

Posted: 25 Jul 2017

I've been looking through my late uncles naval passports and also came across a postcard of the awatea beneath Sydney Harbour Bridge. He also travelled on with the Queen Mary. I wonder whether or not he was on the awatea when she sunk. How did she sink?

Bernard John Griffin

Posted: 14 Feb 2017

John Griffin is my dad .He's 92 now .he remembers every thing about that bombing. Although he never brings it up.He is my hero

Annette Gledhill

Posted: 03 Sep 2016

my dad very front right hand corner and to today I still think of him and his mates on 11th nov as Dad had a beer every 11th nov till the year he died in 2002 at nearly 80...him and his mates decided to have a beer every 11th Nov for each other ☺


Posted: 01 Jun 2015

My dad Leonard Pragnell one row from back small man gunner he said he shot down a plane also hms fishpool also sunk off italy he survived the war awarded dsm medal


Posted: 22 May 2014

My Grandfather was one of the Captains on the Awatea and is in the photo on the far left with his hands crossed in front

peta wilson

Posted: 26 Sep 2013

My father in-law Ian Thomas Wilson was also in the engine room of the AWATEA. He was born in Ranfurly near Dunedin. We also have an in port photograph of this beautiful ship.


Posted: 16 Jan 2013

My grandfather, John W. Griffin, was one of the seamen on the Awatea. He was one of six awarded medals for gallantry. He was only 17 years, 10 months old when she was sunk.


Posted: 06 Mar 2011

My dad was on her I believe three before he told me he got onto the Qeen Mary. I believe he was in the engne room and shoveled coal and he did morse code. I have a photo of the Awatea in Sydney harbour and also him on the deack of the Queen Mary. Do you want a copy?
thanks bill