Richard Seddon asleep during committee

Richard Seddon asleep during committee

Premier Richard Seddon sleeps at the Table of the House while the Old-age Pensions Bill is in Committee of the Whole House on the night of 23 September 1898. A major stonewall occurred around this legislation. Seddon had introduced the bill on 21 September 1898, and it was debated continuously in committee for 90 hours. More than 1400 speeches were delivered. Seddon slumbered during parts of the debates, spreading an opossum-skin rug over his lap and resting his head on a crimson cushion.

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danielle stevenson / Mc donough

Posted: 27 Nov 2012

my aunt and i have been doing a search of the family tree .My aunt saw a statue with this name in new Zealand and asked a few questions and found that we may be related.
regards Danielle

Liz Cutler

Posted: 15 Dec 2010

Richard Seddon I am told was 2nd cousin to my grand-dad Arthur Seddon who was born in St.Helens in 1874. his father was also Richard Seddon and his mother was Mary(platt)I would like to know more if any-one can help!

Scott Richard Seddon

Posted: 31 Dec 2009

Richard Seddon was related to me - I am told he was my Great Great Uncle. I have a book - his biography from about 1910 - which has a number of pictures. I could scan them and include them it someone wishes.