Ottoman regimental standard

Ottoman regimental standard

Regimental standard of the Ottoman 80th Infantry Regiment captured at Magdhaba by Quartermaster Sergeant Dennis Walker, 2nd Australian Light Horse Regiment, on 23 December 1916.

The regimental standard is made from crimson silk with a gold bullion fringe on the upper and lower edges, and on the fly. One side of the standard is embroidered in gold bullion thread with the toghra (personal cypher) of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed V within a circle. The circle is surrounded by embroidered representations of four regimental flags and various military symbols, including pikes, double-headed axes and trumpets. Beneath is a scroll of leaves from which are suspended embroidered representations of five medals. The other side of the standard is also embroidered in gold and shows two texts from the Koran written in Arabic script. They translate as 'There is no god but God' and 'Mohammed, the Messenger of God'. The standard would originally have been attached to a pole surmounted by a nickel-plated crescent moon and brass star. Two gold bullion and crimson silk cords and tassels would also have been attached to the pole.

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