Uijeongbu, location of M*A*S*H

Uijeongbu, location of <em>M*A*S*H</em>

The village of Uijeongbu, which served as the home of the US 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in the TV series M*A*S*H.

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Uijeongbu, which was then just a village located north of Seoul. The dwellings were thatched with rice straw and the peoplemade tunnels under the houses, lit a fire at one end, where any small breeze would move the heat along and keep the floors warm but leaving them vulnerable to fires.

In the American television series about the Korean War, M*A*S*H, this place served as the home of the ‘Mobile Army Surgical Hospital’. (To be honest, the show M*A*S*H did not really ring true to our experiences in Korea.) Uijeongbu is now a city with United States and Korean military bases.

People in villages like Uijeongbu had to make use of anything that gave them shelter. The people had to put up with pretty rough conditions. They lived in cases or whatever they could find, such as packing cases or items they borrowed from the army. They had been knocked around a fair bit during the war and the land was pretty battered, although there was still some rice in the paddy fields.

My understanding was that the Korean people had been pushed out of their home villages surrounding Seoul and Pusan and when they returned, they found nothing there. The villagers were mostly old men (popasan) older women (mamasan) and children, the men who could have fixed things up for them having been called into the South Korean ROK Army (Republic of Korea Army).

You can possibly see their makeshift shelters and the destroyed homes as well as thatched roofs.

The foreground was clear space in the village. Throughout most of Korea at that time there really were no roads, just tracks.

A gunner mate, Sid Goodhue, and I once stayed in one of the villages.

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Posted: 27 Aug 2020

Specialist 4 Williams, E. 1972-73 MASH 47TH
Station there helping village people during that time.


Posted: 27 Aug 2020

Specialist 4 Williams, E. 1972-73 MASH 47TH
Station there helping village people during that time.

Alton Sheek

Posted: 27 Aug 2020

I was stationed in Camp Mosier, in 74-75, 43rd MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital). Camp Mosier is located just a few miles from Camp Red Cloud (Oijeongbu). in the village of Nam Bang Nhi. Not sue I spelled that correctly. Yes Rosie's existed. Lots of memories of the time spent. After the hospital closed and moved to Pusan, I was reassigned to the 2dMedBn, 2ID. After returning to the States, I got to spend a day (12 hours) on the 20th Century Fox, MASH filming site. Met all the cast.


Posted: 09 Jul 2020

I was assigned to the 567amb co. On the hill we had quansit huts and a heli port this was 67-68

Greg Johnson

Posted: 02 Jun 2020

I was stationed at Camp Red Cloud in 1967 - 68 with 38th Artillery Battalion after serving in 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam. We trained ROK units. Winter was unbearable, 38 -50 below 0 at times. Ice skating and picnic weather for the Koreans. Tough people. Left Korea on March 18, 1968. Remember the Pueblo? Blessings to all who served.

SP4 Williams

Posted: 26 May 2020

The honor of being assigned too 2/61st ADA camp Mosier Uijeongbu 1978-1979, was and then on my best assignment. "If it flies it dies".

Tony hovgaard

Posted: 23 Oct 2019

I was stationed close to Camp Red Cloud I was stationed in Co young knee and may 78 to May 79

Fred mckewen

Posted: 10 Oct 2019

I was stationed in uijeong in 1953 and 1954 with the 2nd infantry division 12 fa artillery would like to speak with any soldier that was there at that time.

Don EUbanks sgt

Posted: 12 Jun 2019

I was stationed in uijongbu with the 121st aviation co in 73.74. Most of the town was still paper or wood shacks, some had tin roofs, others did not and yes, Rosie's tea room was just 1 block from our front gate


Posted: 05 Mar 2019

I was stationed there in camp Stanley from 1984 to 1985