US Marine learns Māori dancing

US Marine learns Māori dancing

Marine Corporal Norman Hatch is taught how to dance by Peggy Kaua at Gisborne, Christmas 1942.

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Posted: 19 Oct 2016

Hi Jane. Jock Phillips collected these USNA images for his 1992 book, Brief encounter. He didn't have reference numbers for them, but says that they had no copyright restrictions. I can supply you with a hi-res copy if you like, please email [email protected]

Jane Tolerton

Posted: 08 Oct 2016

I would like to be able to use this photograph. I see the very long Ministry for Culture and Heritage citation if I want to quote the page. However, the credit to the US National Archives gives no information on how to track this photo down within the USNA. Can you please help with a number or a person to contact? Thanks.