William Hobson

William Hobson

William Hobson was lieutenant-governor from 1840 to 1841 and governor from 1841 to 1842. One of his first tasks on arriving in New Zealand on 29 January 1840 was signing the Treaty of Waitangi on 6 February that year.

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Gail James

Posted: 06 Apr 2012

My grandmother's name was Maryane, and my dads name Sydney, my dad name my only son William Hopihana, all I know which isn't much is that his grandfather was William Hobson II and somewhere in there there is a Elizabeth Hobson also known as Raiha does this make sense to anyone in the Hobsons whakapapa from Paparore? He always said he was born in Pakaraka Bay of Islands.

Bonnie Job(e)

Posted: 27 Feb 2012

I am a descendant of William Hobson of Paparore. I have a copy of the 1893 document showing Captain William Hobson's purchase of the land now known as Maxwell's Grant, it records the splitting of the land into Lots.

kristy robinson

Posted: 13 Dec 2011

My grand mother is anne woods (married name rix). apparently a decendant of capt. william hobson. would love to find any other relatives

ailsa hobson

Posted: 29 Jan 2011

It has been an interesting journey getting together the Hopihana whakapapa.I am also 5th generation. We have stilling living today(29th january2011)maori elders who connect with the Hopihana whakapapa at Paparore. My mother was married to one of the Hobsons and with her help I am filling in the gaps. We are getting together for the final Hopihana Whakapapa. If you want to know more sent me an e-mail at [email protected]

Alice Hobson

Posted: 03 May 2010

Hi there, I am a 5th generation to the Aupouri William Hobson(M) Mere Ngawi also known as Ngaputiputi meaning = (kind and muched loved). A trust fund was set up by Williams father for his education and this was administered by William White an American Counsul at the time. William Hobson was 12yrs of age when he was sent to England for 5yrs education, and it is written & said that this Aupouri William Hobson is the illegitimate son of captain William Hobson, so I doubt very much that he was named after the Governor because of his high rank.. So yes Karen all the Hobson are related one way or the other maybe even through this one man (how bizarre)..... Love the posts keep it up :)


Posted: 14 Jan 2010

The original William Hobson was Lieutenant Governor of NZ for approximately 2 years in NZ was deeply religious and had a wife and family back in England. The Aupouri William Hobson or Wiremu Ropihana or Hopihana was born 5 years after the Governor left NZ, according o this legal death certificate. Hobson’s return to England was due to ill health and the time frame of the occurrences exempted him from fathering any nature offspring. It was quite common during the period of 1840 – 1865 to name Maori children after important high standing Europeans. The Aupouri William Hobson was brought up and educated at a missionary school in the Hokianga Area. This background assisted him in gaining a government job and a land holding known as Maxwell Grant a Paparore Northland. The later history of his Whanau is marred with tragedy, violence and sheer bad luck. The successors have a family cemetery at Paparore known as Lot 8 Maxwell’s Grant. This wahi tapu holds many secrets that have never been revealed through the whakapapa and future researches should be wary of delving into the past before of the makutu aspects. Be warned. Rangatira!


Posted: 12 Jan 2010

We have a Mary Ann (nee)Hobson/Woods in our family, she was my great grandmother and always told us of her great grandfather - Captain William Hobson.

katrina hobson

Posted: 24 Aug 2009

hi my name is katrina hobson and all my family is from ireland we are all hobsons

serena cullen

Posted: 20 Aug 2009

my mum is charmaine hobson and her father is sidney james hobson and his mother is te paea hobson hope we helped and we hope you may be able to help us


Posted: 11 Aug 2009

Josh, do you have a Mary Ann HOBSON in your family tree? I do, and it was said that she was a 1st cousin to William but I cannot verify this? Would love to know.