Sound clip: Governor-General at the Centennial Exhibition

Hear extract of the speech by Governor-General Lord Galway at the Centennial Exhibition


'The promoters of this New Zealand Centennial Exhibition, and those responsible for the exhibits, may well feel proud of their efforts. Discouraged as they must have been by the outbreak of war, and by the effect that might possibly have on the enterprise, they have nevertheless been responsible for this splendid structure that you see here today, and for the display that has been unparalleled to date in the history of the country. I congratulate the organisers most warmly on their courage and enterprise on holding it under these conditions. They deserve every success at the hands of all good citizens.

Particularly when I mention the name of his worship the mayor Mr Hislop, who, as chairman of directors, has had to give, and cheerfully gave, his wholehearted and undivided attention to this vast enterprise. And to Mrs Hislop for her untiring energy in connection with the women's section.

'[To the] directors, engineers, artists and craftsmen, and those many others too numerous to mention, I would say very well done indeed. This Exhibition supports many and various attractions – for amusement, as well as education – it depicts all branches of our national life, and should inspire all good citizens with the confidence of its success.

'To the people of New Zealand I should say that the Exhibition presents the opportunity of a lifetime to acquire valuable knowledge in relation to their country. All who possibly can should visit it, and parents in particular should do their utmost to ensure that their children have every opportunity of seeing all the exhibits. It is a duty they owe to themselves and to their children, as well as to their country.'

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