Sound clip: USS Truxtun anti-nuclear protest

Listen to a broadcast about the protest against the September 1980 visit to Wellington by the USS Truxtun.


The Truxtun steamed into Wellington Harbour with no problems whatsoever. At about 7, a helicopter dropped a pilot on board, and she began moving soon after that through the narrow harbour entrance. At that moment about three protest boats shot out from Breaker Bay, but the Truxtun was too fast for them, and she left them wallowing in her wake.

She’s now nearing her anchoring place off Kaiwharawhara; she seems to be just off the container wharf at the moment. The three or four protest boats are being flanked by police boats, which outnumber them by about three to one; they’re way behind the Truxtun now, and with the tide against them, and the weather, they’ve got no way of catching up.

On the harbour, this is Bronwyn Williams.

USS Truxtun flanked by protest boats

The USS Truxtun enters Wellington Harbour on 25 May 1982 surrounded by escort boats and a flotilla of protest vessels.

This was the third time the Truxtun had come to New Zealand; the previous visits were in 1976 and 1980.

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Jesse Ramirez

Posted: 10 Apr 2012

I was a young seaman stationed aboard the USS TRUXTUN during the first visit to Wellington. Even though we had protesters greet us at the entrance to the harbor we were more worried when some tried to cross the ship's path. It was cold and windy that day, the water was choppy as we made our way to shore since we were anchored out. Once ashore we and as we made our way through town we found a great many Wellingtonians were quite friendly and warm opposite of the flotilla. We had a wonderful time there. Meet some great people. I even traded my US Navy hat for a Police officers hat that to this day I still cherish. One day (as a member of the Captain's Gig) we taxied our skipper to shore to meet with some dignitaries and while waiting for him we walked up a few blocks and were atrracted to a sign on the window. "Fish & Chips", wow what a treat that was! Let's see, I went out on a blind date with a wonder young lady wishing we had become pen pals and then some. I've had friends that married some great women but unfortunately one mate passed a few years after marriage and one other a few weeks ago. Smooth sails and blue skies Allan Stake and Don Purdy. I hope someday my wife and get to pay New Zealand a visit besides all my other ports of entry. God bless. Mr Jesse M. Ramirez USN '76-'80

Bill Carter

Posted: 12 Apr 2011

I was a reactor operator on the Truxtun from 85 to 88. Too bad we did not go to New Zealand while I was on board. That would have been something to see.

Mark Simonelli

Posted: 13 Jan 2011

I was there on the truxtun back in 82