Film: children meet the Queen at Athletic Park, 1954

Film clip: children gathering to meet the Queen

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Wellington Railway Station Crowds of kids fill Athletic Park Queen waves to cheering children from car

The royal couple are standing in the back of a specially converted jeep as it drives past thousands of children gathered in Athletic Park. As their car passes the children, they all swarm en masse to the other side of the field to get another look as the jeep turns a corner.


‘Wellington, a great moment for the 133-year-old capital city, as never before it celebrates. And the greatest, most tumultuous welcome of all is from its children. The organisers have arranged that every child shall have a good view as the Queen and the Duke drive past - but the children find a way to ensure at least two good views! Fifteen thousand individual wills, they build but a single pattern.

These are the future men and women of one far corner of a commonwealth of many governments, but of one allegiance.’

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