Film: the Queen at Invercargill agricultural show, 1954

Film clip: the Invercargill agricultural show

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Man offering Queen a tartan blanketQueen in profileMinders trying to control bulls

The Queen, sitting in the stands, is given a tartan blanket to keep warm. She is entertained by shows of horse riding and cattle judging - the latter gets out of hand when the bulls start ‘playing’ with their minders.


‘What could be more fitting for Her Majesty’s last public engagement in New Zealand than the opening of the Royal Southland Agricultural Show in Invercargill? Aye, it can be cold when there’s a south-westerly, but what a chance for the Queen to test the quality of warm New Zealand wool. How completely absorbed she is in the passing cavalcade. How readily she responds to the carefree spirit of her Southland people. The show demonstrates what the richness of farmlands mean to New Zealand, and the promise of our youngsters too. Ach, this could go on till the cows come hame!’

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