Film: Guide Rangi shows Queen around Whakarewarewa, 1954

Film Clip: visit to Whakarewarewa

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Queen and Guide outside Maori house (whare)Queen and Guide outside Maori house (whare)Walking by geysers erupting

Guide Rangi shows the Queen around a traditional Māori village and the impressive geysers at Whakarewarewa.


‘Guide Rangi tells Her Majesty of the legends behind the carvings on the whare, our meeting house at Whakarewarewa. It’s not an old whare, but is in the true Māori tradition. It’s part of a model pā, or fortified village, which shows how our people used to live. I think Rangi has also told of the legends about the waters which boil in the earth nearby.’ [sound of geyser performing].

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Kevin Greenleaf

Posted: 25 Apr 2015

My father George Greenleaf from Suffield, Connecticut, U.S., was an exchange teacher at Tauranga College in 1953-1954 ( I was a baby). I grew up with stories and slides of the Maori and the Queens visit. I'm extremely disappointed that there is no film record here of the Maori ceremony at Rotorua since the slides my father took showed great numbers of the Tribes present and performing that day. Many of his students were there performing. I'm coming Monday for a month long tour of both islands, since I have worked for the Kootenai Tribe of Idaho for the last 10 years I was hoping to get in touch with some Tribal members.

Cassandra beckert

Posted: 15 Jul 2012

My father the son of her brother Ihaia Kereopa, my dad Shanny is the first born, and legally adopted son of Guide Rangi. My mum is Ida. Still living in Wairakei where my dad worked. We are anonymous but look it up it is the truth. Uncle fred is gone now and Auntie Maria is in the house of my koro second wife the sheriff. Moana. This is my grandmother adopted. My nana died after an injury to her leg in a bicycle accident. This is the truth.