Short answer questions - Pai Marire activities -NCEA History Level 2

Short answer questions: Pai Marire

With reference to the feature Pai Marire and your own knowledge, answer the following short answer questions:

  1. What conditions in the early 1860s encouraged the spread of the Hauhau faith?
  2. How did Te Ua's religion illustrate Maori agency?
  3. What characteristics of Pai Marire would have been of greatest concern to Europeans?
  4. What characteristics of Maori society would have made the spread of Pai Marire difficult?
  5. Why did Pai Marire stray from its apparently peaceful origins?
  6. To what extent did Pai Marire become a struggle between Maori as opposed to an assault on European colonialism?
  7. Why was Völkner killed in this manner and in particular why did Kereopa deem it necessary to eat his eyes?
  8. What motives did kupapa Maori have for fighting Pai Marire?
  9. Looking at the statue to those who fell at Moutoa and of Major Kemp, how can markers like these give a distorted view of events from the past? Use evidence to support your answer.
  10. What were some of the longer term consequences of the battle of Moutoa for Whanganui River iwi?
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