The road to MMP

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This web feature was written by Neill Atkinson and produced by the team.


  • History of the vote is an online resource initiated by the Electoral Commission and produced by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage to mark the 150th anniversary of New Zealand's first parliamentary elections, held in 1853.
  • Elections New Zealand is the official elections website jointly maintained by the Electoral Commission, Chief Electoral Office, Electoral Enrolment Centre and the Representation Commission.
  • Political participation (Te Ara)

Books and articles

  • Neill Atkinson, Adventures in democracy: a history of the vote in New Zealand, University of Otago Press in association with the Electoral Commission, Dunedin, 2003 
  • Keith Jackson & Alan McRobie, New Zealand adopts proportional representation: accident? design? evolution?, Ashgate, Aldershot (UK), 1998  
  • Royal Commission on the Electoral System, Towards a better democracy: report of the Royal Commission on the Electoral System, Government Printer, Wellington, 1986