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Russell signing, 5 August 1840

The last signatures to be added to the Waitangi sheet of the Treaty of Waitangi were witnessed by George Clarke, the chief protector of aborigines, and James Coates and James Stuart Freeman, secretaries to Lieutenant-Governor William Hobson. This event took place on 5 August at Russell (now called Ōkiato).

The three signatures added on this day were those of Hake, of the Te Uri Kāpane hapū (subtribe) of Ngāpuhi; Kanawa, of the Te Uri Kāpana and Ngāti Hauata hapū; and Kauwa, whose affiliation is unknown. These rangatira (chiefs) signed with a cross next to their name at the far right bottom of the surviving section of the treaty sheet.


Signature number Signed as Probable name Tribe Hapu
238 Hake Hake Ngāpuhi Te Urikapana
239 Kanawa Kanawa Ngāpuhi Te Urikapana, Ngāti Hauata
240 Kaniwa Kauwa