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Tauranga, 10 April-23 May 1840

Between 10 April and 23 May 1840 21 signatures were collected in Tauranga. However, the Tauranga treaty sheet was not signed by Hori Kingi Tupaea, a prominent chief of Ngāi Te Rangi who lived at Ōtūmoetai pā (fortified village). He had heard that Te Heuheu had not signed and therefore would not either. [1] Tupaea ‘had refused in very positive terms to make peace with Rotorua’, wrote Brown. [2] Other chiefs who had close links to Tupaea also refused to sign. [3]

Officials and witnesses at the signing of the Tauranga sheet of the Treaty of Waitangi included James Stack, Henry Taylor, Alfred Brown (supervisor of the Church Missionary Society at Tauranga) and Hoani Āneta. The latter, Brown’s mission assistant, both witnessed the signing of the Tauranga sheet and signed it.

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Signature number Signed as Probable name Tribe Hapu
1 Te Whanake Te Whanake Ngāi Te Rangi Ngāi Tūkairangi
2 Huitao Huitao Ngāi Te Rangi Ngāi Tūkairangi
3 Tamaiwhahia Tama-i-wāhia Ngāi Te Rangi
4 Te Hui Tīpene Te Hui Ngāi Te Rangi Te Whānau ā Tauwhao
5 Te paetui Te Paetui Ngāi Te Rangi Ngāi Tūkairangi
6 Te Kou Te Kou-o-Rehua Ngāti Pūkenga Te Tāwera
7 Reko Reko Ngāi Te Rangi
8 Tari Tari Ngāi Te Rangi Ngāi Tūkairangi, Te Tāwera
9 Te matatahuna Te Matatāhuna Ngāi Te Rangi
10 Te Konikoni Te Konikoni Ngāi Te Rangi
11 Tanarumia Tanarumia Ngāi Te Rangi
12 Nuka Nuka Taipari Ngāi Te Rangi Ngāti Hē
13 Te Tutahi Te Tūtahi Ngāi Te Rangi Ngāti Pūkenga, Ngāti Hē
14 Te Pohoi Te Pōhoi Ngāi Te Rangi
15 Putarahi Putarahi Ngāi Te Rangi Ngāti Hē
16 Pikitia Pikitia Ngāi Te Rangi
17 Te Mako Te Mako Ngāi Te Rangi
18 Te Peika Te Peika Ngāi Te Rangi
19 Kapa Kapa Ngāti Ranginui Ngāi Tamarāwaho
20 Te haere roa Te Haereroa Ngāi Te Rangi
21 Hoani Aneta Hoani Āneta Ngāi Te Rangi