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Page 2 – World Cup scavenger hunt - New Zealand cricket activity

Using the feature Runs on the board - New Zealand cricket and Cricinfo complete the following activities.

  1. How many times has New Zealand made the final of the men's World Cup?
  2. When did the New Zealand women's team win the World Cup?
  3. Name the grounds being used for the 2007 men's World Cup?
  4. When did New Zealand host the men's World Cup?
  5. When did New Zealand win its first cricket test match (men's), and who did they defeat?
  6. What is the highest score made by a New Zealand batsman (male) at a cricket World Cup, and who was the batsman?
  7. Who has won the most men's World Cup titles, and how many has he won?
  8. When did the New Zealand women's team play their first test match?
  9. Why was 28 March a 'black day' in New Zealand cricket?
  10. When did the New Zealand team play its first men's one day cricket international, and who was its opponent?
  11. When and where did the New Zealand men's team achieve their first-ever test victory over England?
  12. What does the word 'excalibur' have to do with New Zealand cricket?
  13. Who was the Australian bowler who bowled underarm at the MCG in 1981?
  14. Who is the captain of the Black Caps at the 2007 World Cup?
  15. What is the nickname of the New Zealand women's cricket team?
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