NZ units in South Africa 1899-1902

Page 5 – Embarkation database

The information was sourced from the nominal rolls of the New Zealand Contingents published in the Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives. It contains the names, contingents, companies, registration numbers, ranks, embarkation details, addresses, next of kin and occupations of every New Zealand soldier who joined the New Zealand contingents that sailed to the South African War. Note that New Zealand soldiers who enlisted in British, Australian or South African forces do not appear on this database.
Reg No Surname Given names Contingentsort descending County/City
9041 bidwell john Details oroua more details
9045 capper joseph john Details waikato more details
9687 francis reginald alfred perry Details christchurch more details
6308 hatch george edward Details westland more details
9057 fisher frederick ferguson Details ekatahuna more details
9033 grant david Details waitaki more details
6361 mcchesney thomas Details rangitikei more details
8729 curry john Details wellington more details
9686 keetley henry joseph Details ashley more details
9062 hemmings cecil Details rotorua more details
9056 evans de lacy Details auckland suburb more details
6316 brown william Details cook more details
6334 fleetwood william swayne Details stratford more details
6348 hendry percy Details taranaki more details
9058 gernhoefer richard samuel guttlieb Details taranaki more details
6302 boddington houston mayor Details masterton more details
9647 grant james ramsay Details marlborough more details
6346 hampton christopher Details hawkes bay more details
6371 robbie david barker Details taranaki more details
9809 conroy george Details wellington more details
6359 mcculloch douglas Details waipawa more details
9811 cameron david Details rangitikei more details
9066 lucas frederick william Details manukau more details
9625 angus henry james Details dunedin more details
6350 hammer george Details oroua more details
6339 graham john henry Details taranaki more details
9059 griffin henry featherston Details auckland suburb more details
8777 mcarthur archibald Details wellington more details
9089 taylor john solomon Details auckland more details
9813 garrett james arthur Details hutt more details
9075 o'neill bertie Details manukau more details
9098 peterson alfred Details waipawa more details
9076 onion joseph Details hawkes bay more details
9806 avenell henry Details auckland more details
9053 dare william Details levels more details
8132 cowie robert Details dunedin more details
8133 davidson william patrick Details dunedin suburb more details
9816 hammond edward Details ohinemuri more details
9638 dreaver robert thomas Details dunedin more details
6314 baird stuart macdonald Details masterton more details


Service records online

Most of the South African War service records for soldiers in this database have now been digitised and are available by searching the Archives New Zealand Archway website.

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