NZ units in South Africa 1899-1902

Page 5 – Embarkation database

The information was sourced from the nominal rolls of the New Zealand Contingents published in the Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives. It contains the names, contingents, companies, registration numbers, ranks, embarkation details, addresses, next of kin and occupations of every New Zealand soldier who joined the New Zealand contingents that sailed to the South African War. Note that New Zealand soldiers who enlisted in British, Australian or South African forces do not appear on this database.
Reg No Surname Given Names Contingentsort descending County/City
9669 mcgee john Details ashburton more details
9814 macdonald john christopher Details wellington more details
9815 hannon daniel Details hawkes bay more details
8142 watts william Details dunedin suburb more details
9099 sutherland william francis donald Details wellington more details
9044 bruce roy Details taranaki more details
9586 reeves alfred robert Details waikouaiti more details
9635 collison hugh edward Details ashburton more details
9080 ralph william anthony Details waikato more details
9033 grant david Details waitaki more details
8779 harris william stevens Details auckland more details
9831 wilson robert stewart james Details dunedin suburb more details
8133 davidson william patrick Details dunedin suburb more details
9661 kenyon fred. b Details southland more details
9655 johnston robert Details dunedin suburb more details
9585 jamieson george william Details auckland more details
6367 pownall david Details hawkes bay more details
6302 boddington houston mayor Details masterton more details
9681 sotheran thomas Details grey more details
9624 allen edwin thomas Details ashley more details
0 nicholson james william Details not stated more details
6369 ryan james Details cook more details
9099 riley james Details vincent more details
6318 campbell david Details stratford more details
9034 autridge william james Details thames more details
6354 kennedy frederick chafe Details oroua more details
6368 pascoe richard owen Details puzzles more details
0 rouse william george Details australia more details
6303 davidson frederick charles Details patea more details
0 peacock gerald beresford Details auckland more details
9807 brady reginald Details wellington more details
5447 williamson hugh caskey Details auckland suburb more details
6324 crump robert nixon Details oroua more details
6334 fleetwood william swayne Details stratford more details
6323 campbell kenneth Details cook more details
8776 standish ivan Details taranaki more details
6370 ramsbottom louis (known as ramsay) Details taranaki more details
9811 cameron david Details rangitikei more details
9808 bristow george henry Details hawkes bay more details
9810 carson arthur andrew Details oroua more details


Service records online

Most of the South African War service records for soldiers in this database have now been digitised and are available by searching the Archives New Zealand Archway website.

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