NZ units in South Africa 1899-1902

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The information was sourced from the nominal rolls of the New Zealand Contingents published in the Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives. It contains the names, contingents, companies, registration numbers, ranks, embarkation details, addresses, next of kin and occupations of every New Zealand soldier who joined the New Zealand contingents that sailed to the South African War. Note that New Zealand soldiers who enlisted in British, Australian or South African forces do not appear on this database.
Reg Nosort descending Surname Given Names Contingent County/City
0 garland jonothan william Tenth waipa more details
0 hasleden j l fifth wellington more details
0 berry w j third hawkes bay more details
0 dewar a r j fifth waitotara more details
0 clarke edward churton Tenth auckland more details
0 jones mostyn humphrey innis sixth not stated more details
0 rayne henry Ninth dunedin suburb more details
0 gardiner thomas john Eighth wellington more details
0 banks h e s fourth hawkes bay more details
0 forbes francis courtenay sutherland Eighth pahiatua more details
0 skerman sidney sixth not stated more details
0 towers john alexander robinson Tenth united kingdom more details
1 rogers charles philip Eighth taranaki more details
1 rogers charles phillip First taranaki more details
2 tuck sydney howard First united kingdom more details
3 burr william thomas First hokianga more details
4 watts phillip benjamin First united kingdom more details
5 harrowell edwin First united kingdom more details
6 bond henry purser john First auckland more details
7 mahood william edward First piako more details
8 morgan william arthur First taranaki more details
9 bould charles william h First hutt more details
10 horne james alexander First hutt more details
11 mcdonald norman First waipa more details
12 bodle donald william First auckland more details
13 price frederick gordon First marlborough more details
14 hogg john martin First wellington more details
15 brown thomas watson First wellington more details
16 bowie william alexander First levels more details
17 parkes william james First oroua more details
18 barty john anderson First united kingdom more details
19 wallace robert First wellington more details
20 bowie andrew james First dunedin more details
21 cromie arthur first ashley more details
22 coffey alfred horace First hawera more details
23 butler harry francis First united kingdom more details
24 crawley robert william First waitotara more details
25 craig james First wanganui more details
26 cameron hector First puzzles more details
27 mccallum malcolm First wellington more details


Service records online

Most of the South African War service records for soldiers in this database have now been digitised and are available by searching the Archives New Zealand Archway website.

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