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Parliament and the people

The House of Representatives

New Zealand's Parliament has been making laws, scrutinising the government and representing New Zealanders for more than 150 years.

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Parliament's people

Parliament buzzes with activity, most of it centred around its MPs. But the House also has a small army of staff, and attracts public spectators.

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Premiers and Prime Ministers

Read biographies of all 38 premiers and prime ministers and explore fascinating prime ministerial facts and trivia.

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History of Parliament Buildings

They command 'The Hill'. The buildings at Parliament, a landmark in the nation's capital, have long claimed a vital place in our history.

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Parliament's culture and traditions

Parliament has a rich history and its own colourful culture and traditions, which reflect both the legacy of the British Westminster system and the evolution of a distinctive New Zealand institution over 150 years.

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Housing NZ's prime ministers

A brief survey of the official and unofficial houses of New Zealand's Premiers and Prime Ministers

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