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These skills align with a social inquiry approach to learning and support teachers and students to engage with issues and ideas critically.

Emotions in history: ‘difficult histories’

Educator–historian Ricky Prebble explores the complexities of teaching and learning about 'difficult histories'.

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Analysing people’s views, values and actions

This resource supports the exploration and analysis of people’s views, values and actions.

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Interrogating memorials and markers from our past

Interrogating memorials and markers from our past can be an opportunity to develop historical thinking skills around perspectives.

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Evaluating information with LEGIT

LEGIT is a tool that students can use to interpret and evaluate sources of information.

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Communicating information: TEXAS

Paragraph writing structures that support students to effectively communicate their ideas.

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Writing focus questions

This resource looks at how to craft an effective focus question that aligns with key historical concepts.

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