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Historical concepts

Historical concepts allow students to think historically as they provide a structure that shapes the practice of history.

Different coloured shapes joined together in a circle pattern

What is history?

Using diagrams and metaphors to support the teaching of history concepts.

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Wāhi-based learning resource

Wāhi: place-based education

Place-based education can help students understand and connect with the places they inhabit.

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Tales of significance

Teach historical significance by telling tales of significance. This activity utilises Christine Counsell’s 5 R’s of significance.

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Analysing change and continuity

This resource includes activities that help students develop their understanding about the relationship between change and continuity.

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Cause and consequence quotes

A selection of quotes to support students prepare for the 3.5 Achievement Standard.

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Cause and consequence

The causes and consequences of historical events are of primary interest for historians, and this relationship is an important part of the history curriculum.

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Empathy: Historical empathy

Historical empathy is the concept that history can humanise us and bring us together. If this is true then how can you teach it?

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