Reg No: 
Given Names: 
no 15 company (Otago section)
Gymeric 31 March 1900
dunedin suburb
district road belleknowes roslyn dunedin
Next of Kin: 
rayne mrs m a
Next of Kin Address: 

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Allan Gray

Posted: 10 Mar 2019

I see comments from another Allan regarding Major Rayne.
I would be interested in making contact. I am currently undertaking a project tracking him day by day through the Boer War. Regards


Posted: 03 Dec 2018

Hi Jeremy, and Anonymous,

I may have some information that you may be interested in in regards to Major Henry Rayne.

Jeremy Rayne

Posted: 13 Oct 2018

Henry Rayne is my great grandfather. I have been trying to construct a definitive family tree over the last 20 years and am gradually finding more information out. We know that there were descendants of his sister living in Africa around 2000 but I don't know of anything in the early 1900s. Would be very interested to understand where your family line fits it! J

Allan Gray

Posted: 18 Sep 2018

I would like to make contact with the son of Henry Rayne. Henry is my great great uncle. My grandmothers were living with him in Nairobi in the early 1900's


Posted: 22 Sep 2017

Henry Rayne (known as Harry) is my father. Joined the Kings African Rifles to become Major Henry Rayne OBE MC. Retired to UK after many years as District Commissioner in East Africa (British Somaliland, Tanganuyka, Uganda, Sudan etc). Was court martialled for incident when the Boer war had been declared over unknown to him, he and several of his men were taken captive and some of them killed when he managed to get hold of a weapon, killed his captors and saved his men. After being exonerated he was given medal for same incident. Married Ethel in Mombasa Cathedral. Retired to UK, wrote several books and articles in the Blackwood's magazine about his experiences (Sun, Sand & Somals - The Ivory Raiders), met and married my mother, his 2nd wife, and had 3 more children. Died in August 1950 and is buried in Crondall Parish Church, Hampshire.