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South Canterbury

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Lynley Ingham

Posted: 17 May 2019

Elizabeth Buckingham (née Webster) was born in Norfolk, England in 1839, to Henry Craske Webster and Mary Ann Webster (née Sands).
In October, 1861, Elizabeth married David Buckenham at Cranmer Hall, Norfolk, England. Shortly thereafter Elizabeth and David sailed from England to Australia, where they settled in Hobart, Tasmania. At this time their surname changed from Buckenham to Buckingham. The first three of her twelve children were born in Tasmania.
A few years later, in about 1868, the family moved once again, this time to New Zealand. The ship they sailed on was called the Alhambra and their fourth child Daniel Alhambra Buckingham was named after this boat.
In New Zealand, they settled on a farm, at Waituna Creek, near Waimate. Living initially in a sod cottage, that David (now known as Daniel Ransom Buckingham) built.
Elizabeth and Daniel lived in the Waimate region for the remainder of their lives, working the farm caring for their family and home. Elizabeth had a strong Christian Faith and along with Daniel was involved with the Salvation Army Church.
In her later years, Elizabeth’s health failed and she moved from the farm to Waimate, where she was cared for by her husband and youngest daughter Ellen, until her death in August 1913, at age 73.