Wārea and Pungarehu war memorial

Wārea and Pungarehu war memorial

Warea and Pungarehu memorial Warea and Pungarehu memorial Warea and Pungarehu memorial Warea and Pungarehu memorial Warea and Pungarehu memorial Warea and Pungarehu memorial Warea and Pungarehu memorial

Wārea war memorial, located at Cape Egmont Boating Club, Bayly Road, Cape Egmont (formerly at Wārea School).

In 2007 a second plaque was added to the memorial for the Pungarehu district. The names for this plaque were taken from the honours board at the Pungarehu hall. 

Both plaques, and an additional one, were re-installed and unveiled on 25 April 2021.


Erected by the residents of Warea
To the memory of those who served
1914 -1918

Roll of Honour

  • W. Bell
  • F Pierson
  • Reg Hill
  • W Thrush
  • O E Julian
  • W Wade
  • M Lawn
  • H Wells
  • C Pierson
  • K Wells

Returned Men

  • J Aylward
  • C McLachlan
  • W Barr
  • D McLachlan
  • F Clothier
  • J McLachlan
  • S Frost
  • C W Revell
  • J Jones
  • T Roberts
  • T B Judge
  • A J Thompson
  • C Magon
  • B Wade
  • W McLachlan
  • E Wilson

 1939 - 1945

Roll of Honour

  • Flight Sergeant J L McDonald
  • Sergeant Pilot I H W Franks

Returned Men

  • E J Caldwell
  • R Julian
  • A D Sole
  • C I Deacon
  • L A Luckin
  • M P Sole
  • W B Franks
  • G H Luckin
  • L G Stott
  • P N Hill
  • C A Meier
  • M J Wells
  • S D Harrison
  • H C Magon
  • C V Wells
  • A J Julian
  • P Rowe
  • A R Wells
  • S R Julian
  • O G Sole
  • W Wright
  • F A Sole

For King and Country 

Find out more about the people listed above on Auckland War Memorial Museum's Cenotaph database

Article about this memorial 

Taranaki Daily News, 26 April 2006, re relocation from Warea School (closed) to Cape Egmont Boating Club

Pat Sole was literally the last man standing in Cape Egmont yesterday.

Mr Sole was the district's only war veteran who was still alive and present at a ceremony to relocate a memorial flagpole and plaque from Warea School.

Residents concerned that the memorial war plaque would be lost with the closure of the school last year relocated it to the Cape Egmont boat club yesterday.

Dozens of men from the Warea district, who fought in World War I and II, were listed on the plaque and their names were read out in a public ceremony. But Mr Sole was the only person from the plaque present.

‘It's a wonderful, unique opportunity to see my name and be allowed to see it there,’ Mr Sole said.

The only other survivor from the plaque was his cousin M.P. Sole, who now lived in Kaitāia.

However, Father Francis Garty said there was no chance the war veterans would be forgotten.

‘What's taken place in the last 15 years I don't know, but there's been a great trend towards Anzac Day,’ he said.

"You only had to be at Okato this morning to realise it means a lot to a lot of people."

About 50 people attended the afternoon ceremony at the boat club, where the names of war veterans from Pungarehu were also read out.

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Joan Carll

Posted: 25 Nov 2023

Hello I've just seen this page.
Charles Pierson and Frank Pierson were my grandfather's brothers. Grandy as we called him Henry Pierson stayed home to be on the farm as I understand. I am delighted to discover Frank and Charles are remembered. My father was Charles Pierson and nephew to the 2 men named. I was Joan Pierson now married with surname Carll. My email if you see this message [email protected]. I will look to visiting in 2024

Barabara Manning (Magon)

Posted: 14 Oct 2016

Hi this is so great my grandfather Charles Magon and my Uncle Henry Magon are both on this plaque was delighted when i went home form Australia this year in July for a hoilday for my brother Micheal Magon (Magoo) to take me down the boat ramp and show me this .Bought back so many memories.Thank you Barbara manning (nee Magon ) .So Proud of both of them .


Posted: 26 May 2015

Hi Rachael, I am interested in finding out more as this is my family too. Johannah was my Hreat Grandmother. I have started a family tree on Family search.org if anyone wants to add to I that would be great. Pierson was also spelt Person, hence hard to find. Please search Carl Pierson Death 1903 and you will see what I have started. It includes Carl's Will documents.


Posted: 28 Jun 2011

Hi Jo and Kerry, Julia Pierson is my great grandmother the sister of Hannah and and her parents were Carl and Ellen Pierson. They arrived in Nz in 1874 from Sweden. If you are interested in more information regarding your family email me - [email protected]


Posted: 30 May 2011

Hi my Great Grandmother was Johannah Pierson she married Percy Julian in 14.3.1885 New Plymouth and as far as I know Johannah was Sweden descendant she had 15 Children and one of those was my grandmother Hope this helps


Posted: 22 May 2011

Hello, I am currently researching my paternal grandmother's family. F and C Pierson were her brothers, my great uncles. My grandmother was Hannah or Johannah Pierson and she married Percy Julian. I am struggling to find when Frank and Charles Piersons parents Carl and Ellen Pierson arrived in New Zealand from Australia and where their birthplace was. I wonder if anyone can tell me more please?