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Poi-E I just love that song Val 12/05/2010
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I want it for National anthem Ian 13/10/2016
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This is my great aunt, Riria Brigette Garland 26/11/2011
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Excellent page, thanks. Lyn Nuttall 23/05/2011
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One thing you can say about Birdzilla 15/12/2008
hey I'm a NCEA level 3 Matthew Robinson 10/07/2009
Maori is pronounced Maori. PTMKSN 04/10/2011
I wish to know the maunga, hemi 23/07/2013
Can someone tell me if this Matt 25/07/2011
Hi how do you say 'How many Vaness 28/03/2011
The "marae" is the ground at Emma 06/05/2010
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Is Waaka the correct spelling Ernest Christian Donner. 07/02/2015
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Kia ora Keri. Like you I'm Peter Rodda 19/09/2011
Go to Pikia 04/05/2009
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Do you mind adding Lin Li 23/07/2014
How do you say "Make Good Wiki 13/03/2014
what does 'kia ora tena koe heidi the tortoise 13/03/2011
what does heke & whare mean? Beth 15/09/2009
Kiora I love the website. Tom 13/04/2010
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Hi Lin - check out our Maori admin 24/07/2014
How do u say I miss u in erik 15/03/2011
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Does the word puha carry a Anonymous 24/04/2009
Doesn't poto mean small? Chontelle 16/09/2009
Whare means house or maori Chontelle 16/09/2009
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