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If you stay with someone or Frankie 17/05/2010
Kia ora Keri. Like you I'm Peter Rodda 19/09/2011
I would like to know the Lynette 21/01/2013
@Dave K. At a guess, she may Bk 08/02/2013
Kia Ora, Well i was Ilai 18/08/2010
Hi guys, Si B 06/03/2013
what does "nuku te aio" mean? 7777 25/05/2011
I LOVE that you have done judith 25/07/2015
hi there, could you please Murphys 21/03/2010
Kia Ora.... I am wanting to Gene 18/05/2010
looking for a definition of dani 22/10/2010
Wow I can memorise the words Anonymous 19/08/2020
Hi I'm just learning basic Abbe 10/10/2012
Kia Ora Jamie. Katwol 07/02/2018
I am a ECE teacher. Our Ina van Tonder 18/05/2010
Hi Raewyn, Kia ora means Frnakie 01/04/2012
What is Maori for eyes and Martina Mc Auley 29/07/2012
Can you please confirm is Sheridan 24/07/2010
Do you mind adding Lin Li 23/07/2014
How do you say the Maori word Franklin 17/08/2014
What are the Maori words for Anonymous 06/03/2009
kia ora - I was wondering hemi 25/06/2011
kia ora im 12 years old and Drew 22/10/2010
E noho rā is Goodbye (from a Bk 10/10/2012
Is Awanui a place name it Trix 17/03/2009
Hi Helen 05/07/2013
Wow its amazing how maori is Lucky 27/10/2016
Maori is pronounced Maori. PTMKSN 04/10/2011
how would you say big orange? Duncan 10/03/2011
so many words similar to the rino 01/07/2012
Hi Lin - check out our Maori admin 24/07/2014
How's this for a translation John Archer 31/05/2011
Hi Beth, you can add macron Libby 07/06/2009
I suggest you check out the Jamie Mackay 06/03/2009
Kei te pirangi ahau ki te Maori BOI 26/12/2012
Thanks so much! Living in Denise 02/12/2015
i love the maori words BTW i HD 05/07/2013
We have a show jo 02/11/2009
what does 'kia ora tena koe heidi the tortoise 13/03/2011
Hiya, Anyone know what a Tash 28/07/2010
My girlfriends name is James Sanders 16/01/2010
kia ora:) i was wondering if Sarah 27/10/2010
Manaakitanga- refers to the Ken 28/12/2010
could someone please tell me tomas quigley 02/11/2009
How do u say I miss u in erik 15/03/2011
This was a great site to Skye Sloper 06/07/2012
@Danielle "Te Orokohanga" is horox2 12/04/2011
Kia Ora, is there a poster or TFLW 26/09/2017
what is 'A' in maori? What Jawdie 01/08/2010
Hi :D I was also wondering Kiwistralian 01/06/2011