War and remembrance


Well another term comes to an end. Before you all head off for a well deserved break I thought I would update you all on a couple of new pieces in NZHistory that may be of interest.

Continuing with our decade studies we have knocked off the '70s and will soon embark upon the 1980s. I have to concede this was a tough one to write with so much personal history involved. It is sometimes a fineline we tread in writing history as opposed to indulging in nostalgia trips. I hope we got the balance right. Some of the photos I believe capture this period beautifully. These are great snapshots of our past but also offer us an ideal format when considering contrast and change. It is hard to explain to my kids what our old black and white valve TV was like when they can pause live TV as they 'multi-task'. Writing these decade pieces has been quite revealing in just how much we changed as a people. I think these offer great opportunities for research topics with students at all levels.

One thing we do a lot of here at Manatū Taonga is a lot of war history and by a lot I really mean a lot! With the centenery of the First World War looming our output in this area is going to leave no stone unturned when it comes to exploring this important part of our country's past. This has prompted me to add some ideas and activities to the Classroom relating to war and remembrance. Some of this relates to a pilot project I am involved with at the National War Memorial. I would encourage you to have a look at this section in the junior history and social studies section of the Classroom. We know from past years that visitor numbers for NZHistory soar at this time of year as people prepare for Anzac Day so this material is there to support such endeavours and in some cases represent a challenge to some of our typical thinking around this topic. The activity They shall not grow old is a good one if you are looking for a research angle. If you are just thinking of an Anzac focus then there is plenty on offer here.

Have a nice break. I'll see if I can get a quiz up in time for those seeking a bit of fun in the last few days of the term.

Hei konā rā


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