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This is only a selection of web pages relating to the Treaty. The focus is on sites that deal with historical matters, with some modern treaty-related sites also included.

Historical Accounts

  • Waitangi Day: A History - a chronological account of the day's troubled history.
  • Treaty of Waitangi on this site -the Treaty of Waitangi section includes material originally found on, a site developed by the Treaty Information Unit in the State Services Commission. Content prepared with the assistance of historians and other specialists.
  • Treaty of Waitangi audio from Sound Archives (Radio NZ) - includes interviews, lectures, news coverage, features and documentaries, together with actuality of related events, such as the Waitangi Day Commemorations.
  • Waitangi National Trust - includes some historical background information and a virtual tour of the Trust's estate.
  • Treaty 2 U website - includes both historical and contemporary claim information, as well as interactives within the cool stuff tab.

The Treaty Document

  • The Treaty of Waitangi is on display in the He Tohu exhibition at the National Library of New Zealand in Wellington, and digital copies of the sheets can be viewed on the Archives New Zealand website. Information regarding the background and context within which the Treaty was signed is included.
  • Signatories to the Treaty of Waitangi - feature on this site including lists of signatories to each of the nine copies of the Treaty that are known about. Each list includes tribal affiliations of the signatory (where known) and images of the original signatures. An introduction to the Treaty of Waitangi and information about the holdings of the original sheets are also provided.

Modern Treaty Claims

  • Waitangi Tribunal Useful information about the  Treaty and Treaty Claims process, updated regularly with the latest developments re- TOW claims. Contains a reports database, including an online copy of the Whanganui River Report  and chapters 1 and 11 of the  Muriwhenua Report. The site also contains excellent online resource kits for schools on the Orakei Claim (includes information on the relationship between Ngati Whatua and the founding of Auckland and on the Bastion Point protests of the 1970s), and on the Motonui-Waitara, Kaituna River and Te Roroa claims.
  • Crown Forestry Rental Trust - works to expedite the settlement of Maori claims against the Crown, which involve or could involve Crown Forest Licensed Lands.
  • For issues relating to the Treaty and other legal matters concerning Maori see the Maori Law Review.
  • Te Ohu Kai Moana Treaty of Waitangi Fisheries Commission site.
  • Ngati Awa website - excellent Iwi website containing considerable historical information
  • Office of Treaty Settlements, includes the Deeds of Settlement and Deed summaries.
  • HistoryWorks Ltd - company specialising in Treaty-related work. Website includes some interesting conference and seminar papers with more research papers to come.
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