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Māori War Effort Organisation

  • Māori War Effort Organisation

    The Maori War Effort Organisation was formed during the Second World War to assist with recruitment for the forces and war-related service.

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  • Page 2 – Origins

    Assisted by two other Ratana-Labour MPs, Eruera Tirikatene and H.T. Ratana, Paraire Paikea drafted a scheme for an organisation to handle Maori recruitment and war-related

  • Page 3 – Difficult times

    When the Maori War Effort Organisation was established, the government had estimated that it would have a six-month life at a cost of £7,000. In 1943 Paikea asked that

  • Page 4 – An uneasy compromise

    Minister of Native Affairs Rex Mason, wanting to curb the Maori War Effort Organisation's expansion or entrenchment, in 1944 initiated moves to introduce to the Native

Māori and the Second World War

  • Māori and the Second World War

    Despite some opposition, nearly 16,000 Māori enlisted for service during the Second World War. By 1945, 28 (Maori) Battalion had became one of New Zealand's most celebrated and decorated units. But Māori contributed to the war effort in many different ways, at home and overseas.

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  • Page 4 - The home frontMaori were active on the Home Front, involving themselves in the huge fund-raising and production efforts that New Zealanders undertook during the

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