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Nuclear Ships

Events In History

4 February 1985

New Zealand's Labour government refused the USS Buchanan entry because the United States would neither confirm nor deny that the warship had nuclear capability.

2 August 1983

The visit of the nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser Texas sparked anti-nuclear rallies on land and sea.


Nuclear-free New Zealand

The sinking of the Greenpeace protest ship Rainbow Warrior in Auckland in July 1985 shocked the nation. The incident galvanised an anti-nuclear movement that had emerged in opposition to both French nuclear tests at Mururoa and American warship visits to New Zealand.  Read the full article

Page 3 - Ship visits

The visit of the nuclear-powered frigate USS Texas in 1983 sparked protest in New

The Cold War

Although the origins of the so-called Cold War can be traced back to the Bolshevik revolution of 1917, this intense ideological struggle between the Western powers and the Soviet Union really began after the Second World War. Read the full article

Page 7 - Last decade

Soviet-American tensions revived in the late 1970s as ‘détente’ (co-operation) gave way to a renewed arms race.

David Lange discusses New Zealand's stance on nuclear ship visits.