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The Northern War

The Northern War, fought in the Bay of Islands in 1845-46, was the first serious challenge to the Crown in the years after the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. Its opening shots marked the beginning of the wider North Island conflicts that are often referred to as the New Zealand Wars. Read the full article

Page 5 - Ōhaeawai

Keen to cash in on Heke’s setback at Te Ahuahu, Henry Despard assembled the largest British force yet seen in the colony and moved to attack Kawiti’s new pā at

Township in the rolling hillcountry to the east of Lake Omapere, Northland. 3km south-west of the town there once stood a pā, site of the Ōhaeawai Battle of 1845. The battle was fought between the British and the combined forces of the Ngāpuhi chiefs Hone Heke and Kawiti.

Meaning of place name
Ō: place of; haeawai: thermal waters.