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Te Ranga

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21 June 1864

At Te Ranga the British sought revenge for their humiliating defeat at the battle of Gate Pā


War in Tauranga

During the first half of 1864 the focus of the New Zealand Wars shifted from Waikato to Tauranga. In this phase of the conflict the British suffered a catastrophic defeat at Pukehinahina – better known as the Gate Pā – before inflicting heavy losses on a Māori force at Te Ranga. Read the full article

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Unlike at Gate Pā, where the British assault was concentrated on two points, at Te Ranga they were able to attack all along the line of

Locality 8km south-west of Tauranga. Following the Battle of Gate Pā on 29 April 1864, the local Ngāi-te-Rangi Māori began constructing another fortification on a narrow ridge between two deep gullies here at Te Ranga, This work was spotted by a reconnaisance party of the Colonial Defence Force Cavalry, and on 21 June 1864 the unfinished pā was stormed with an artillery charge, and the trenches cleared out at bayonet point.
Meaning of place name
Te: the; ranga: ridge of a hill, sandbank, or company of people.

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