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Panorama: Beehive reception hall

Media: Panorama (Pano2VR)

Panorama of the Reception Hall in the Beehive.

In 1973 John Drawbridge was commissioned to produce a mural to line the core wall of the Reception Hall. Based on many painted aluminium strips, it provides a shifting perspective of colour as the curved Hall is traversed. The wall below the mural has many small curves to aid the acoustics in the Hall

Related commentary by John O'Sullivan, former General Manager of the Parliamentary Service


This is the largest function space in the parliamentary complex. It is notable for its semicircular shape. It can accommodate up to 300 guests seated and up to 500 guests standing. Against the inner wall of the banquet hall, which is also the central core of the Beehive, is a striking mural by New Zealand artist John Drawbridge.


Panorama photography: Brian Donovan, 2004.

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