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Panorama: Debating Chamber galleries

Media: Panorama (Pano2VR)

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Panorama of the galleries of the debating chamber of the House of Representatives.

Members of the public sit here, as well as members of the press. The wooden decorations around the base of the gallery commemorate major battles in which New Zealanders fought in wartime. The green wreaths are made of bronze and were erected in 1993 to mark 100 years of women having the vote in New Zealand.

Transcript of commentary by John O'Sullivan, former General Manager of the Parliamentary Service

Here we view the floor of the debating chamber and the layout of the seating from one of the public galleries in the House of Representatives. The gallery immediately above the Speaker's chair is the press gallery and the other public gallery is to the right. Moving further to the right we come to the Speaker's gallery which is opposite the Speaker's chair. Seating in the Speaker's gallery is reserved for special pass holders. The u-shaped form of the seating layout of the member's desks on the floor of the House is clearly evident as is the Table of the House, on which papers are laid when they are formally tabled in Parliament. Also the stand for the mace at the end of the table is visible; similarly you can see the seating for the Clerk of the House and his assistants immediately below the rostrum area below the Speaker's chair.


Panorama photography: Brian Donovan, 2004

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