Panorama: Parliament House foyer - House of Representatives

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Panorama of the main entrance foyer of Parliament House.

A bust of Apirana Ngata is to the left of the stairs; further to the right of the panorama is a bust of Kate Sheppard, who led the campaign in the 1890s for women to have the vote.

Related commentary by John O'Sullivan, former General Manager of the Parliamentary Service

If you move the cursor to the right, you will see the main stairway that connects the first floor foyer to the second floor. Moving further round there is the entrance to the Speaker's corridor. This is the corridor that runs outside the Speaker's office and the Speaker's room. Moving further around we can see the inside of the main entrance from the main steps. Moving further around there is the link way across to the executive wing (the Beehive), and then we return to the entrance doors to the Grand Hall.