Naming the country and the main islands map


This map shows the place names Māori and Europeans have assigned to Aotearoa New Zealand as a country, its main islands, and the surrounding seas.

The names in bold are existing place names, with historic names listed below them.

Country names

Aotearoa | New Zealand

  • Staten Landt
  • Nova Zeelandia
  • Nu Tīrene

Island names

Te Ika-a-Māui | North Island

  • New Ulster

Te Waipounamu | Te Waka a Māui | Te Waka o Aoraki | South Island

  • New Munster
  • Middle Island

Rakiura | Stewart Island

  • South Island
  • New Leinster

Rēkohu | Wharekauri | Chatham Island

Rangihaute | Rangiāuria | Pitt Island

Sea names

Te Tai o Rēhua | Tasman Sea

Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa | Pacific Ocean

For more information see the place names entry on Te Ara The Encyclopedia of New Zealand 


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