1921 Springbok tour programme

1921 Springbok tour programme

The official programme for the 1921 Springbok rugby tour of New Zealand. The South Africans lost the first test in Dunedin 13–5 before winning 9–5 in Auckland. The deciding test, played at Wellington’s Athletic Park in awful weather, ended in a scoreless draw, leaving the series tied 1–1.

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Lesley Warde

Posted: 09 Sep 2017

I have been told the Spring bok's played Otago My Greatgrandfather played against them. I have seen the program and wondered if it was possible to get one. His name was Alfred Esquilant.


Posted: 28 Oct 2013

James A Michener mentions this tour in his book The Covenant on page 692.

Steve Tregilgas

Posted: 26 Jan 2013

Hi I'm very interested in the 1921 All Black badge, also I would like to get in touch with the friend of Mrs Morkel as I know of a 1921 rugby jersey that belonged to one of them. [email protected]


Posted: 21 Aug 2011

I have a 1921 All Black 'silver fern' badge and would be interested in selling. How should I go about this? Thankyou.

Hans Saestad

Posted: 15 Jul 2010

I am doing a research on the 1921 tour. I would like to ask anonymous if it's possible to have a picture or something of the Morkel medal. In fact I am writing a book on the tour and need help. I will be grateful if I can get copies of the fotos.

Bill Anderson

Posted: 24 Jun 2009

I am interested in the players Attie Van heerden and (George?) Van Rooyen who played for the Springboks on the 1921 tour and later played for Wigan in the 1920's .I am interested to know whether they returned home and what became of them and their descendants.I would be most grateful for any assistance. Regards, Bill Anderson. (Wigan England)


Posted: 15 Apr 2009

I am friends with a mrs morkel . Her farther was in the 1921 Springbok team.She has his medal and fotos and at 85 still a keen sports lover. Her brother was also a Springbok.