Alfriston-Brookby First World War memorial

Alfriston-Brookby First World War memorial

Alfriston Brookby Alfriston Brookby Alfriston Brookby

The Alfriston-Brookby First World War memorial was unveiled beside the Manurewa to  Brookby road on 25 June 1920. This plain but dignified granite obelisk listed the names of thirteen local men who had given their lives during the war.

The inscription reads: “To the everlasting memory of / [silver fern] / the men of Alfriston Brookby / who gave their lives in the / Great War 1914-1919, / that we might be free.”

The following men are listed: C. F. Bull (Main Body); A.H. Fitzwilliams (Main Body) ; A.R. Tebbutt (3rd Reinforcements). A. Muir (5th Reinforcements); A. M. Kemp (6th Reinforcements) ; W.G. Embling (6th Reinforcements); L. Birch (8th Reinforcements) ; G. L. Mitchell (13th Reinforcements) ; R. M. Kemp (15th Reinforcements) ; H. Matchell (15th Reinforcements) ; W.H. Winstone (18th Reinforcements); K.S. Moore (19th Reinforcements); T.J. Briddock (21st Reinforcements).

After the Second World War a further three names were added (“And in the World War / 1939-1945 / Private P. Marx / Flying Officer R.D. Gardner / First Petty Officer A. E. Garland”).

In 1966 the memorial was moved to a new site in Mill Road outside the Alfriston community hall. In 1993 an inscription was added to commemorate service in Korea, Malaya, Borneo and Vietnam (“In memory of those who served and gave their lives / Korea Malaya Borneo Vietnam”).

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SiteStyleOrnamentationUnveiling Date No of Dead
near public
square obeliskfern leaf,
crown, flags

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R. Beddows

Posted: 29 Nov 2012

The obelisk was made of Coromandel granite and was unveiled on 24 June 1920 by the Mayor of Auckland, Mr. James Gunson. The piece of ground upon which the memorial was sited had been donated specifically for the purpose. The ceremony was reported in the "Auckland Star" the following day.