America's Cup memorabilia

America's Cup memorabilia

A montage of iconic items from New Zealand’s America’s Cup history.

The items include a sticker showing KZ 7, the first New Zealand boat to enter the Louis Vuitton challenger series, at Fremantle, Western Australia in 1987.  A rarer example of America’s Cup memorabilia is a copy of the single ‘Sailing Away’, which was released to help raise money and support for the 1986-7 campaign.

Steinlager, one of the principal sponsors of New Zealand’s unsuccessful 1992 challenge, produced specially branded beer cans (perhaps to encourage New Zealanders to drink their way to victory – or drown their sorrows). The obligatory biscuit tin commemorating the successful 2000 defence and a towel from the 2003 loss sit on a newspaper photograph of one of the ticker-tape parades that celebrated the 1995 victory.

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