Ardmore First World War memorial

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On 15 May 1921 the Ardmore First World War memorial was unveiled on the intersection of the Clevedon and Church roads. This listed the names of seven local men who had given their lives during the war. On 25 April 1975 the memorial was rededicated in a new location beside the Ardmore hall. In 1993 plaques were added to commemorate service in the Second World War, Korea, Malaya, Borneo and Vietnam.

For further information relating to this memorial, see: ‘Ardmore War Memorial: Tribute to the Fallen', Franklin Times, 20/5/21, p. 6; 'Ardmore Monument Resited?', South Auckland Courier Central Edition, 3/12/74, p. 1; 'Forgotten Wars Remembered', Manukau Courier, 3/9/93, p. 1; 'Papakura Cenotaphs Updated', Manukau Courier, 21/9/93, p. 1; Anne Simms, Ardmore School, 1876-2001, Papakura, 2001, p. 41.

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