Armistice Day parade in Masterton

Armistice Day parade in Masterton

Armistice Day parade in Masterton, probably 12 November 1918.

Local businessman Charles Edward Daniell described the day in his diary:

Town agitated in expectation of news re signing of Armistice by Germany at 9-10 news arrived. all work stopped – Bunting flew up like magic – noises various processions rejoicing handshakes a thanksgiving service in park well attended  –well conducted  –day given over to jollity

On 13 November the Wairarapa Daily Times reported that:

Masterton literally went mad yesterday.  Dull care, and likewise business, was scattered to the four winds, and young and old simply 'let themselves go'.  The sick, the halt, the lame, the blind  – all joined in making merry over the final success of the Allied arms and the end of the war.  Whistles screeched out, bells rang, people cheered and screeched with joy, bands played, and there was a scene in Queen Street such as never before has been recorded.

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