Brunner coal mine disaster memorial

Brunner coal mine disaster memorial

Names on the memorial

On 26 March 1896 an explosion at Brunner, West Coast, killed 65 coal miners in New Zealand’s worst mining disaster.

In 1900 a stone obelisk was put up in memory of those who died in the Brunner mine explosion. One hundred years after the disaster, in 1996, this statue was erected at Brunner, recording the names of those who died in the explosion and others who perished from mining accidents. Another Brunner disaster memorial is located next to the mass grave for the victims at Stillwater Cemetery.

Names of other disaster victims on the memorial

This plaque on the memorial remembers those killed in other mining disasters

Brunner today

Brunner today.

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Al Haslem

Posted: 11 Aug 2009

Hello I have a marble mantel clock engraved with an inscription stating that it was the 1st prize for a horse race (hurdles? I am not currently at home to check)held to raise funds for the families of the Brunner mine disaster. Is there a section within the Greymouth, Hokitika or other W/Coast Museum that would be interested in such an item? I would consider gifting it to such an organisation if it would be truly appreciated. The clock was working well until recently, and probably only needs a service/clean to get it going again. You can contact6 me at PO Box 183 Greenhithe, Auckland 0756. regards Al Haslem