Buckland First World War memorial

Buckland First World War memorial

Buckland memorial Buckland memorial Buckland memorial Buckland memorial

The Buckland First World War memorial.

The Buckland First World War memorial was unveiled on a small reserve between the Pukekohe Road and the railway line on 25 April 1921. Unique amongst the memorials of the region, this was a rough-hewn Celtic cross mounted on a concrete plinth. On 7 June 1922, after opening the newly enlarged Buckland public hall nearby, Governor-General Viscount Jellicoe also planted a cedar tree on the war memorial reserve—the sapling was later eaten by a cow.

There are no names displayed on the war memorial. Viscount Jellicoe may have also unveiled a roll of honour in the Buckland Hall, since this was sometimes referred to as the ‘Buckland Memorial Hall’. However, if there was a roll of honour, it was lost when the hall burnt down in April 1932 (the building was replaced later in the year).

The memorial cross was not Buckland’s only war memorial. After the war the Buckland School committee decided to erect memorial gates at the school’s entrance. The date of opening is unknown, but the school history records that its “old iron gates” were dismantled and sold in 1976. The school does not possess a roll of honour.

After the Second World War, a new commemorative plaque was added to the war memorial. The Buckland Second World War roll of honour is on display in the new Buckland Hall (opened in July 1955).

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