Bucklands Beach memorial hall

Memorial Memorial

Bucklands and Eastern Beaches War Memorial Hall.

The Bucklands Beach War Memorial Community Centre was first opened on 14 July 1956. It was based in a former cabaret building, dating from about 1930, with a supper room, kitchen and entrance foyer added. Plunket Rooms were soon afterwards opened next door.

A plaque inside the entrance foyer dedicated the building to the men of Bucklands and Eastern Beaches who had lost their lives during the world wars: “World Wars I and II / 1914 – 1918 1939 – 1945 / Dedicated to the / memory of the men / of the Bucklands and / Eastern Beaches district / who gave their lives / for the cause of freedom”. Five names were listed: David Adam Oliver (First World War); and Edward Campbell McDonald, Norman Steventon Shaw, Lynden Willoughby Brassey and Lawrence James Carnachan (Second World War).

The community centre building was almost wholly destroyed by fire in 1964. Its replacement was reopened as the Bucklands and Eastern Beaches War Memorial Hall on 27 November 1965.

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