Cambridge RSA roll of honour

Cambridge RSA roll of honour

A ‘temporary’ Cambridge roll of honour was unveiled during the opening of the Cambridge RSA clubrooms on 6 November 1942. It listed the names of 74 local men who had given their lives during the First World War and 35 from the Second World War (‘RSA Club: Many Gifts’, Waikato Independent, 14/10/1942, p. 3; ‘For the Empire: Roll of Honour Unveiled at New Club’, Waikato Independent, 9/11/1942, p. 1).

A permanent memorial tablet was unveiled on Anzac Day 1947. This had been constructed using both heart rimu and wood from an old oak tree which had been cut down to make way for the clubrooms. Eight names had been added to the First World War roll and 42 to the Second World War roll (‘Unveiling Ceremony: R.S.A. Roll of Honour’, Waikato Independent, 28/4/1947, p. 5).

When the clubrooms closed in December 2003, the roll of honour was transferred to the Cambridge Museum.

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