Cannington school memorial gates

Cannington school memorial gates

WW2 plaque

The memorial gates at Cannington school. Note that many of the names also appear on the Cave memorial.

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Julienne Law

Posted: 08 Apr 2022

My mother was the sole charge teacher of Cannington School during the years 1943/44. would be most interested in more details of her service for Renee Hollis' next book 'New Zealand's silent Army'


Posted: 31 Oct 2014

Anyone know of noel crawford who has written about the history of cannington?.


Posted: 23 Apr 2014

Hi Michael - I suggest you contact the school directly about this - you can Google their contact details. Regards, Jamie Mackay

Michael murphy

Posted: 21 Apr 2014

Hi, my uncles' names are engraved on the memorial gates at the cannington school, I just wondered if they also attended the same school and also my father C H Murphy?
Thank you kindly

Juliet Crawford

Posted: 26 Oct 2011

These gates also remember the soldiers who died in World war II.