Colac Bay war memorial

Colac Bay war memorial

Colac Bay war memorial in c1987.

Colac Bay memorial Colac Bay memorial Colac Bay memorial Colac Bay memorial Colac Bay memorial

Colac Bay memorial in May 2008 including plaque to VC winner Jack Hinton.

Site Style Ornamentation Unveiling Date No of Dead
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Ian Newton

Posted: 16 Oct 2018

Hopgoods and Newtons - amazing to see so many descendants from Susan Adams / Hopgood / Newton. Susan was my great grandmother and Richard Newton my great grandfather. According to my grandfather Jack the Hopgood children and the Newton children all got along well with each other as half brothers and half sisters.
I live in Wales, but am finally visiting Colac Bay in November 2018 so will get to see where it all started for the NZ family. I have quite a bit of info on the family.

Alan Ramsay

Posted: 06 May 2018

I am great grandson of Caroline (Carrie) Adams who married Robert Flowers. Carrie was the sister to Susan Adams who married Edward Hopgood. As I see it, my line of descendancy is Henry Adams and Caroline Elizabeth Rowland to Caroline Adams/Flowers to Caroline (Carrie) Elizabeth Flowers/Ramsay to Alpha Centaurus Ramsay to me Alan Stewart Ramsay. I guess we are about fourth cousins.

Zachary McCosh

Posted: 08 Apr 2017

Hi i'm Zachary McCosh, the great great great grandson of Harry Hopgood, it's amazing reading through all of these comments to think that nearly all of you are a distant relative. I'm 12 and doing research with my cousin and have discovered so much about my family and where they came from!

Earl Cook

Posted: 21 Aug 2016

Im a direct descendant of Private Richard Cook .. here a link to an intersting story about his bible being found 92 years later and a notice re his death in the Southland Times 1917

Ken Hopgood

Posted: 25 May 2013

my grandfather Charles was Susan and Edwards first born, and my wife has done extensive reasearch on our family if there is anything you wish to know..


Posted: 27 Apr 2013

Hey Kathy I think your father and I share the same grandmother, mine was Caroline who married Henry Dawson?


Posted: 24 Mar 2013

Hi Mel,
I would be interested in any information you have about Susan Hopgood, she was my father's Great Grandmother, Carrie was his Grandmother.


Posted: 14 Mar 2013

Hi Brian - my mother's grandmother was Susan Hopgood, whose first husband was Edward Hopgood, with whom she had five children - Carrie, May, Charlie, Bill (your grandfather?) and Harry. Susan ran the Railway Hotel in Colac Bay, as well as the local grocery store and post office. Let me know if you'd like any further information as I have some old records which might interest you. Mel

Heather Gibson

Posted: 22 Mar 2011

Hi Brian, I have not been to Colac Bay but would like to at some time in future. Louisa Guise was my Great grandmother who came from this area. Heather Gibson

Brian Hopgood

Posted: 18 Mar 2011

Just a contact as my father was born there, Fred Hopgood, in the early 1900s. His father was William Hopgood and married Louisa Guise from the region.
Did visit there in 2010 and found it to be a lovely place - would loved to have stayed longer there but time does not stop just for me.
Brian Hopgood